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Wall's Share Happy

Take a look at their lovy dovy art work and recommendations to make this campaign stronger...

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Khud Pakistan By Engro Foods

Khud Pakistan - Engro Celebrates Nationalism...

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Awaz Jo Nazar Aye

Mobilikink does branding via Awaz Jo nazar aye and simaltaneously Jazz does the regular sales promotion...

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pepsi Smash Pakistan

The global music campaign for Pepsi that ended in 2004 internationally has finally reached Pakistan.Headed by Farhad Humayun ; little information is known about who the artist will be for Pepsi Smash Pakistan show since most of them are signed by Coke Studio.

In social media , there are few sources about Pepsi Smash Pakistan. From there we came across various posts by Noori and Strings about recording their songs. Moreover , Pepsi Smash Pakistan has a separate page on www.facebook.com/PepsiSmashPakistan and www.facebook.com/pepsipk . Here , various artist teaser can be seen from yesteryear and the current pop stars.

The caption on top of these Pepsi Smash Pakistan picture were " Coming on 28th April". However, the latest date has been changed to 1st May, 2013 now.According to social media , there will be 12 episodes with 8 artists in the first season of Pepsi Smash Pakistan.

Recording done in Lahore , we can expect this show to be one the major in Pakistan after Coke Studio.In addition to this , music entertainment would expand as politics rises to the top during the upcoming weeks.

What to expect from Pepsi Smash Pakistan TV show : Well., the same Pepsi Smash Pakistan facebook page has shared Rihanna's remixe "Umbrella". We can expect the same remixes from Pakistan in their show.

Pepsi Smash Pakistan Video - First Episode Video

Pepsi Smash Pakistan Video - Second Episode , Teaser Video

Pepsi Smash Pakistan Video - Second Episode 

Pepsi Smash Pakistan - Communication Timeline

28th April,2013 : Pepsi Smash Pakistan reveals a teaser on Facebook
30th April,2013 : Pepsi Smash Pakistan's first band performance teaser runs on Fb
1st   May,2013  : Pepsi Smash Pakistan released its first tune from an unheard band.
3rd  May,2013  : Pepsi Smash Pakistan's second band performance teaser runs on Fb
4th   May,2013 : Pepsi Smash Pakistan's second band performace rungs on FB
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Peak Freans' Crackers , Cheers - Teaser AD

The tagline " are you ready for cheers" is inviting and asking me to get standby for some fun. The ad doesn't say anything about the category of the product. All I know is that someone is asking me to get ready for fun with a product that looks likes a skewed triangle.I surveyed few people about what this triangle may be : some said an "ice cream" and others, "chips".

With no appearance of the company logo ,labels or category , here, the brand personality is becoming the brand identity, which is "fun" and "exciting". Moreover , there is no emotional , functional benefit or self expressive benefit offered to consumers at this point; the three fundamental parts of value proposition(positioning).So what's the value proposition? Maybe , we have to wait.

However , my excitement to know about cheers ended as I saw the Peak Freans logo and crackers' posters already pasted on shops which faded my curiosity to guess more about the product. Does this mean that the sales teams were already handed over the product posters for trade marketing ahead of the OOH and Print launches to distribute the product and make shop vendors aware of these crackers.How can brand teams tackle such a problem where they have to protect the product from letting exposed to consumers, but on the other hand, have a challenge to make shop vendors aware about the actual product and make it available as soon as the teaser gets over?

Before I saw those posters at retail outlets , I thought the word "cheers" ,in this context, was used as a noun; made me curious about an upcoming personified cartoon character which would display fun and excitement to add personality to the chips. Something like this :

This fun,exciting product would definitely induce chips lovers to forget "lay's" for one day and try "Cheers"-the crackers.

Peak Freans' Crackers , Cheers - TVC

Initially , we had talked that the teaser ad had communicated just the brand personality , excitement and fun of using something ,which became the brand identity for a while , for consumers-the brand image. After TVCs , the brand identity further strengthens as we see the same brand personality used to communicate the positioning of the brand - Tasty yet healthy. This is the value proposition : Emotional benefits, Syra Yousuf , the sweetie pie of younger generation,inducing lots of joy and excitement into the brand ; Rational benefits : Healthy and tasty ; Self Expressive benefits : Girls can relate to same feeling as Syra yousuf is displaying;being perplexed between health and taste. Targeted at young girls and nothing for the boys!

Peak Frean Cheers TVC- Syra

Peek Freans Cheers TVC 2013 - Syra Shehroz from Myipedia on Vimeo.

Let's now wait for the next phase of this campaign:

Peak Freans' Cheers - Crackers ; Communication Timeline

  • 24th March,2013:  FB page for Cheers gets published
  • 14th April , 2013 : Teaser ads released on OOH and Print
  • 14th April , 2013:  Trade marketing : Posters pasted on retail outlets.
  • 21st April,  2013:  TVCs are released.
  • 27th April,  2013:  Facebook Advertising runs.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Engro celebrates nationalism

Emerging nations such as Pakistan have their fortunes in the hands of business who contribute heavily to economy. A blue chip "Made in Pakistan "company in a country like ours gives us concrete hope of a progressive Pakistan.

Engro corporation's subsidiary Engro Foods Limited, today, proudly showcased their nationalism and passion for being a proud successful Pakistani company in their latest corporate advertising campaign tilted "Khud Pakistan" viewable on Khud Pakistan TVC

The "Khud Pakistan" idea revolves around the celebrations and the pride that Engro Foods is a national corporation,with its parent company's legacy dated back as far as 1957, delivering premium brands that are made in Pakistan by Pakistanis.

Khud Pakistan TVC :

The TVC of Khud Pakistan , directed by Saquib Malik, canopies major brands : Olpers , Omore , Tarang and Omung as it shows how these brands are touching our lives everyday.Moreover , the ad shows Pakistani farmers being a fundamental part of this value chain.

The whole company seemed to believe in this concept which was evident by the fact that the entire event was hosted in Urdu. Mr Afnan Ahsan , CEO Engro Foods Limited , at the launch ceremony of Khud Pakistan shared his believes about the company's strong legacy and progress. Moreover, in various questions addressed to him about Engro Foods distinctive capabilities that puts them apart from the MNCs , he suggested that being a completely national company, innovations and taking MNC competitors head on is the core competency of Engro Foods. In addition to this , he also unveiled that the next year would be surprising for consumers and competitors as they look forward towards innovations.

Khud Pakistan OOH Advertising :

This campaign gives a real reason for us to celebrate independence day with hope and passion that success stories in Pakistan does exist. It may be a clear shiner from the independence day related advertising this year because the rest of the brands are narrowly focusing to leverage their brands with national anthems as background jingles or clips with ,whereas,Engro Foods proudly shares a positive attitude of living in this country and doing productive. No wonder why Engro is a preferred choice of employment for business graduates like me and many others.

The campaign comes at the time when Engro Corporation stock price which began at a low this year is still fluctuating way under PKR 100. Such a campaign would definitlly build a more favorable image of the company and give confidence to investors about Engro's success in Pakistan and its foreign investments in USA and Canada along with the legacy left by Mr Asad Omar in his 27 years of excellence with the group.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Surf Excel Teen Ki Taqat latest Ad Campaign

Surf Excel Teen ki Takat Latest Ad Campaign Time line :

3/2/12 : Surf Excel rolls it teaser Ad on Billboards

10/2/12 (7 days later): Surf Excel Teen Ki Taaqat reveals their latest ad campaign with a TVC , branded shows on Ary ,PTV and Ajj Tv and the first time in Pakistan , Surf Excel conducts project mapping advertising on a building in Karachi.

Surf Excel repositions via their latest teen ki taqat campaign as a value for money product by broadcasting an image of a product that has lemoo , neel and Sabun. This is where we have to keep a track on their prices. Are they about to increase their prices? Are they trying to win over and finally end the war with Aerial who keep on communicating that their product is at par with Surf Excel but with far better prices?Are they expanding their product market by including a new target audience as all these 3 offerings lemoo , sabun and neel is individually used by different SECs , rather lower SECs, through different products. As a result , I think the objective of this campaign is to penetrate into the market and introduce a previously premium positioned product to the lower SECs.

The key highlight of this Surf Excel latest ad campaign named teen ki taqat is the first ever project mapping advertising in Pakistan.

Surf Excel Teen ki taqat Campaign Recommendations

Will Surf Excel Teen Ki Taqat campaign run a brand activation program by running a reality contest show on tv or radio whose objective would be to find one student or child good at Arts , Maths and Science...teen ki taqat in one product(the winner child)? Will Surf Excel teen Ki Taqat campaign also communicate with the Husbands by conducting in-flight advertising by communication their tagline on the over head decks to make the husbands memorize too ? Will Surf Excel Teen ki Taqat do gureilla marketing by putting inside the real Surf Excel pack 3 small sachtes named as lemon, tickya and Neel powder and each sachte will have inside a small paper saying " Lemmo Ki Taqat" , "Tikya ki Taqat" , "Neel Ki Taqat" respectively.

Surf Excel Project Mapping

More Coming Soon!!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Walls Share Happy Campaign Recommendations Pakistan

Walls Share Happy campaign 2012 Time line : 2 weeks from Valentines and First mover strategy

1/02/2012 : Backlit frames on poles are put up. Every backlit has a suggestion on how their target market can make their family happy and thus the campaign " Share Happy".

3/4/12 (2 days later) : 300 square feet billboards are put up. Also , few billboards of Share happy Camapaign are aslo put up which have 3 smiling snap shots.

4/4/2012 : Almost during the same period , Walls Share happy ad campaign billboards and hoarding expands.

Walls Share Happy Campaign Recommendations : Will Mrs Brand Manager Walls Pakistan turn its campaign and take away the positioning of open happiness of coca cola? Has Walls Pakistan planned for asking question about the what makes Pakistan happy ? Will Share Happy Walls Pakistan ask consumers what foods makes them happy? Will Share Happy Walls Pakistan ask consumers which celebrities makes them happy? Will Share Happy Walls Pakistan ask consumers which office moments makes them happy? Will Share Happy Walls Pakistan ask consumers which family moments makes them happy? Will Share Happy Walls Pakistan ask consumers which friends makes them happy?Will Share Happy Walls Pakistan ask consumers which family moments makes them happy?Will Share Happy Walls Pakistan ask consumers which movies make them happy?

Walls Share Happy Campaign Recommendations : Co -Branding
Will Share Happy Walls Pakistan reserve one week of movies in Cineplex where only happy movies will be shown , a complete branded share happiness Pakistan campaign?Will Share Happy Walls Pakistan run a campaign on Dawn news paper where they would put a red shade on good stores only?Will Share Happy Walls Pakistan create a collaboration with Pizza Hut and KFC and wherever they go for deliveries Walls Pakistan distributor can send their walls trolleys to that home or hire a sales team(who would follow Pizza hut bikers) and deliver Walls ice cream to their home ?Will Share Happy Walls Pakistan link one happiness to one particular Brand ex : Cornetto Happy Relationship , choc bar for any happy news in Dawn , Cups with small happiness such collaborating with school on their end of mid term results(being there at the school premises) , Badaami for festive happiness ( This will allow Badaami to create their own events such as "Extra Basant" , "Extra Summer holiday Party"....they might create an extra event for every event that happens because every consumer likes " Extra Happiness" .

Complete Billboard pictures , Share Happy Recommendations Coming soon!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nestle Professional Pakistan

Nestle Professional Pakistan has began communicating with its commercial clients. Nestle Professional Pakistan , a brand with a B2B or P2P marketing strategy but offering a unique blue print in the market to operate successfully.

Offering a range of product categories across various target markets such as : Offices,Factories, Restaurants,Clubs,Hotels,School,Colleges,Hospital.Travel,Vending and tender Businesses , Nestle Professional has evolved as the only successful , trustworthy and relevant brand which commercial customers can consume.

Moreover , Nestle professional Pakistan is the caretaker of just few product categories amongst many offered worldwide .But this communication is a cue to the market that Nestle Professional Pakistan will go into line extensions into all sides : Lengths , Breaths and Depths.

It's rare to see B2B products or business categories getting branded. But Nestle Professional has come across as a complete healthy and nutritional food solution inside our homes and out of our homes.

Nestle Professional Pakistan : My Branding

I wish to see Nestle Professional Pakistan to further use their brand name as an endorsement on shop fascias of restaurants. It could become a symbol of quality for customers to choose a eating place . Thus , it will push Commercial retailers to use Nestle Professional Pakistan products.

Moreover , Nestle professional could further do a brand extension into restaurants and open up a place which will be endorsed by Chefs who could come in and experiment with Nestle professional Pakistan products and serve to customers. It can be expensive activity but will strengthen the Nestle Professional image across both customers and commercial users.

Nestle Professional Pakistan Operations :

More Coming Soon on Nestle Professional Pakistan!

Nestle Professional Pakistan Campaign Timeline

1/02/2012 : Radio Ads run : Growth ka Partner.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What motivates a tween? A successful human like kid or a tiger!

The positioning war is on! The target market is same ! The strategy is same!......Gluco Kid or Tiger!
Coming soon!

Tiger Max Latest Ad commercial Time Line:

1/1/12 : Tiger latest Ad rolls.

Tiger Latest Ad Commercial 2012 :

6/2/12 : Tiger latest ad billboard appears in selective areas only.

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